Ward Transport and Logistics

Protect From Freeze

What We’re Offering

1. Thermal protection for commodities with a freezing point of 32 degrees F or lower.

2. Service from November 1st through April 30th.

3. Service Monday through Friday with weekend protection provided for Friday pickups.

4. Applies to direct next day service lanes only

How We Do It

1. Hundreds of durable pallet covers proven to withstand below zero temperatures.

2. Trailers at terminals are equipped with robust external heaters and blowers

3. Built-in trailer compartments allow heat to be isolated to a single section of the trailer.

4. Heated warm rooms throughout Ward’s Network.


Value-added Benefits Of Ward’s PFF Service

1. Shipments highly susceptible to freezing are routed in the system to deliver ASAP!

2. Shipments coded as PFF in our system are monitored throughout the day by a designated CSR.

3. Email alerts are sent to customers shipping freezables when extreme weather conditions occur.

4. Our advanced dispatching system identifies all known customers shipping freezables, so we know to add freeze protection when a pick-up is scheduled.


How To Request Protect From Freeze Service

1. Shipper must write “Protect from Freeze” or “PFF” on the bill of lading.

2. Service can be requested by calling customer service, scheduling a pick-up online, or through an API or EDI transmission.

Tariff Information

1. Protection of shipments against freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius) will not be furnished unless specific arrangements are made in advance of tender and request is endorsed on the Bill of Lading and Shipping Order by the consignor. Temperature endorsements will be considered as being Fahrenheit unless otherwise specified by the shipper as being in Celsius (centigrade).

2. Carriers will accept shipments requiring protection against freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) subject to the availability of proper equipment and facilities.

3. When a shipper indicates on the Bill of Lading “protection from freezing is required” the carrier will only be liable to protect against a freezing mark of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. If a shipper request on the Bill of Lading a protective service other than a “protect from freezing” with a freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower the shipment will not be accepted. If shipment is inadvertently accepted carrier will protect from freezing at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and will not be responsible for damage to the product, if damage occurred at a temperature higher than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Carrier will have no liability for shipments, which may be damaged due to freezing, that are not deliverable upon arrival at destination service center/terminal or for which delivery is refused by Consignee.

6. The charge for protection from freezing as outlined in this item shall be $2.00 per CWT subject to a $28.75 minimum and a $75.00 maximum per shipment, and shall only apply from November 1st through April 30th.

7. For shipments involving Southern Ontario or Southern Quebec CAN postal codes, as defined in Item 410 herein, apply $2.50 per CWT subject to a $55.00 minimum and a $75.00 maximum per shipment.