Ward Transport and Logistics

Guaranteed (Ward Assured)

Need a shipment guaranteed for delivery? Ward is pleased to offer our Guaranteed Service Product. You can take advantage of three delivery options based on zip code availability:

  • AM Delivery - guaranteed delivery by noon (30% of line haul charge*; subject to $86.75 Minimum charge)
  • PM Delivery - guaranteed by 3:00 PM. (20% of line haul charge*; subject to $37.25 Minimum charge)
  • Time Definite - guaranteed by a specific time. (45% of line haul charge*; subject to $318.00 Minimum charge)

Your shipment will arrive by the designated time or your shipment is absolutely free! Better yet, we will notify you upon delivery of your product to its destination. It’s simple to activate. To guarantee a shipment, simply call our customer service call center at 800-458-3625.

We will ask for the following information in order to process the shipment:

  • Shipper Account Number (if available)
  • Shipper Name
  • Shipper Address for Pick Up
  • E-mail address of person requesting the shipment (so we can notify you when the shipment delivers.)
  • Consignee information including Name, Address, City, State and Zip
  • Number of pieces/skids, weight of shipment
  • If the shipment already has a Ward pro number, please advise that as well.

Based on this information, our service representative will complete the rate quote with the charges for the shipment as well as confirm the point for guaranteed AM or PM delivery. It’s as simple as calling in a pick up, and it gives you peace of mind knowing your shipment will arrive on time, or it’s absolutely free!