Ward Transport and Logistics

What's New

1/31/2024 Spot Quote Limit increase

You asked, and we Deliver! Our limit on spot quotes has been increased from 4 pallets or less to now be 10 pallets or less!

11/1/2023 New Straight Truck Required for Delivery flag

To help prevent redelivery charges, if you know your delivery location requires a straight truck to be used for delivery, you can now indicate that in the Rate Quote and BOL Screens.

8/4/2023 New Trace Shipment With Movement API Option

To give you more information regarding the shipments you trace via API we are introducing an option that will include all the movement details. ** Note that this API uses JSON instead of XML which will be the way we transfer the data going forward. see API Documentation Page

07/5/2023 WardPro element added to Pickup Request API

Added a <WardPro> element to the <Shipment> section of the API Pickup Request.

04/17/2023 Rate Quote API Enhancement

Added 2 new elements to identify the type of origin and destination points. D=Direct, I=Indirect. See API request page for details

1/16/2023 Rules Tariff Hyperlinks

For your convenience, the rules tariff's Table of Contents is now hyperlinked to the specific sections in the tariff so you don't have to scroll through all the pages any more.

8/29/2022 Guest Pickups

To get your pickups into the system faster we have streamlined the guest pickup process; no longer will there be a delay while a customer service agent has to review and enter your pickup! Note: by logging in to your account and using the regular pickup function you will have access to your entire pickup history making rescheduling recurring pickups a breeze!

5/11/2022 RateQuote API SCACs

For your convenience, Origin and Destination SCAC values have been added to the RateQuote API response as <OriginSCAC> and <DestSCAC>

5/5/2022 EDR

For your convenience you can now request emailed delivery receipts by entering the PRO number on the Request Delivery Recipts page!

7/12/2021 QuickTrace

To save you time, you can now initiate a Pickup Status or Delievery status check right from the menu page!

7/7/2021 Online Invoice Payment!

For your convenience, Logged in users can now pay invoices online through Billtrust using the Pay Invoices tool located on the main tools menu!

9/17/2020 General Blocked Commodities

For your reference a list of commodities that we normally don't provide service for is now available to view. If you have questions about the list or want clarification about it, please contact Customer Service or your Ward Logistics Solutions Manager.

8/4/2020 Sign up for Emailed Delivery Confirmations

To help keep you informed, we have added the option to receive a delivery email for any shipment you are involved with...as the shipper, consignee, bill to, or debtor. Any time a shipment delivers that you are one of the previously mentioned parties, the addresses you select (Up to 5) will get an email. You can find this option on the MyProfile page when you are logged in.

5/8/2020 Sign up for Emailed Invoices

Keep things moving with Email! You can now sign up to receive invoices via email on a per-account basis. Find the sign up button on your MyProfile page.

4/21/2020 New MyHistory Menu

So that you can get to your previous activity quicker, a new MyHistory menu has been added to the top Navigation bar. When logged in, you can use this menu to access previous Bills of Lading, Pickups, Rate Quotes, Shipments, and Spot Quotes for your account.

4/08/2020 Pickup ETA button

To help you to know when our pickup driver will arrive, we have added a pickup ETA button to the Pickup Request History page when the pickup has not yet been performed. Click the Pickup ETA button and you'll get the latest ETA information for that pickup.

4/08/2020 Detailed Minimum Density Information

More information is now available regarding our minimum density charges on the Rate Quote screen -- just click the link on the right side of the top row for detailed minimum density information.

3/31/2020 Pickup Status link

For your convenience, a direct link to the pickup status has been created and will be included with your pickup confirmation email.

1/29/2020 Brokerage & Expedited quote button moved

To enable you to more quickly access our outstanding expedited and brokerage services, the button has been relocated to the top row of the tools menu.

3/11/2019 Accessorials & Services added to Trace Shipment

To provide clearer information regarding shipments, Accessorials and other services associated with a shipment are now showing on the Trace Shipment view below the status section.

11/19/2018 Limited Access Definition Available In Rate Quote

To help you determine if a location is limited access, a new button has been added to the rate quote page to display the Ward Tariff Page defining limited access. If your location meets any of the conditions, make sure you check the "Limited Access Accessorial"

11/19/2018 Shipper and Consignee phone numbers are required in Bill of Lading

To better communicate with you regarding your shipment, we have made the shipper and consignee phone numbers required fields when creating a Bill of Lading

06/29/2018 Full Value Insurance Reminders

To make sure customers get the benefit of full value insurance if selected, a pop up window is displayed providing instructions to insure a shipment with full value insurance

05/7/2018 New Online Claim Request Form

Our online claims form has been completely redesigned to provide quicker and easier claims submission to our claims department. A description of the claim as well as attaching up to 30 file attachments makes getting Ward all the information we need to review the claim much faster. (Any individual file must be < 8Mb and in the following formats: txt, jpeg, jpg, png, gif, doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx)

04/16/2018 New Hazmat Uniform Alliance Certificate

New Hazmat Uniform Alliance Certificate.

02/22/2018 Book Pickup Directly From A Spot Quote

After entering a spot quote, there is a book pickup button below the quote details. Click it to book the pickup.

01/18/2018 Opt out of Pickup Confirmation emails

You can now choose between receiving or not receiving pickup confirmation emails on the “MyProfile” page.

12/15/2017 Load Saved Location Filters

You can now quickly find a saved location using filter by Company Name or by Zip Code in the Load saved location window.

10/13/2017 Rate Quote History enhancements

You can now create a Bill of Lading or a Pickup Request directly from the Rate Quote History index page. Icons for those functions have been added to the first column for quotes that were created in the past seven days.

10/04/2017 Document Viewing

The rules for viewing documents have been revised to allow more people to view documents. Particularly Bills of Lading. If a document can not be displayed, detailed messages are displayed describing the reason.

10/04/2017 BOL/Guest Pickup

If you are not logged into the web site and you create a Bill of Lading, there is a "Create Pickup" button at the top of the BOL Viewing screen. If you click it, it will take you to the Guest Pickup entry function and copy over your data.

09/27/2017 Pickup Status

Pro numbers will be added to the pickup status screen as soon as the driver enters them during pickup. Tracing will not be available for those Pro numbers until the truck returns to the service center.

09/26/2017 Rate Quote

Formatting has been reduced to conserve paper.

09/06/2017 Trace Shipment

Show delivery appointment time if one exists for a shipment.

08/17/2017 Rate Quote Accessorials

Rate Quote Accessorial entries are no longer abbreviated.

07/21/2017 API Access Instructions

API Information and Access Request form has been added to the main page of the tools menu. Since access to the API requires your IP address or IP address range to be whitelisted you will need to provide this information via the form on the page if you have not previously done so in order for the API to work for you. To begin with we are offering three APIs: Pickup Requests, Rate Quotes, and Tracing. Information on the xml request and response can be found on this page.

07/19/2017 Bill of Lading Instructions

Special Instructions entered on the Bill of Lading form are broken down into smaller instructions so they fit on the actual BOL form.

Please note: While as many lines of instructions can be entered as you like, only the first 150 characters entered across all instruction lines are sent to the driver when you create a pickup from the BOL. Everything entered appears on the bill of lading form.

07/06/2017 Severe Weather Alerts

You can now subscribe to be notified by email when Ward experiences a modified schedule due to severe weather or other events. If you were subscribed prior to the switch to the new website, your e-mail address should still be active in the system. There is a button on the tools menu now that will bring you to the subscription options page called "Subscribe to Weather Alerts."
When there are active alerts issued, that button will turn red and will read "Weather Alerts."

06/06/2017 Fillable PDF of Bill of Lading

A form-fillable Bill of Lading PDF has been added to the front screen of the tools site. Click "Download Fillable BOL" to download it.

06/05/2017 Email an on-screen Bill of Lading

Now when a Bill of Lading has been generated and you chose to view it on screen instead of emailing it you have the option to email the PDF. You can find the Email PDF button in the row at the top of the screen.

05/26/2017 Shipment History Enhancements

Shipment History results can optionally be returned for a specific date as well as the time period ranges already in place.

In addition, there are now two filtering fields to narrow the results down by information present in the Shipper or Consignee columns. The filtering fields will match against Name, Address, City, State, and Zip Code in those columns and will match a partial word or number and ignore case.

If values are present in both Shipper and Consignee filter fields, a record must match both to be returned.

05/25/2017 Pros Assigned to a Pickup

Pickup Status Check and Pickup History now display pros assigned to a pickup confirmation number.

Pickup Status Check: After you click "get status" any pros assigned to the confirmation number are displayed below the confirmation number.
Click on the pro number to perform a trace.

Pickup History: Click on the confirmation number. On the view screen that pops up the pros display below the address information. Click a pro to perform a trace.

05/25/2017 Current Pickup Status in Pickup History

The current status of the pickups is displayed in Pickup History. Use this as a fast way to view the status of all the pickups entered on the web site.

05/22/2017 New Feature: Spot Quote History

Spot Quote History is now an available selection at the top right of the Spot Quote screen.

Similar to the other history options, This screen will show your previous 30 days of quotes and give you the ability to view a summary, see the details of individual quotes, print a previous quote, and even create a re-quote from a selected previous quote.

05/19/2017 NMFC Larger

The NMFC number on the Bill of Lading is now able to hold 11 digits/characters.

05/17/2017 BOL History

Bill of Lading History is now an available selection at the top of the Bill of Lading screen.

Similar to Rate Quote History, this screen will show BOL's made in the last 30 days and give you the option to copy the information from the BOL into a new BOL document. It does not show BOL's that were given a name and saved as a template.

05/17/2017 Less prompts to leave page

The prompts to confirm leaving a page have been reduced.
They only display in BOL, Rate Quote, Pickup Requests, and My Profile maintenance.

05/16/2017 Shipment History

Can select "Shipper or Consignee" as the freight bill party.

This shows shipments when the account is either the Shipper or Consignee.

05/15/2017 New Feature: Pickup Request History

Pickup Request History is now an available selection at the top right of the Pickup Request screen.

Similar to Rate Quote History, this screen will show pickup requests made in the last 30 days and give you the option to print the pickup request or copy the information from the request into a new pickup request document. You will find that pickup request history began accumulating starting on Thursday the 11th.

05/05/2017 Rate Quotes For Points Serviced By Our Partners

Rate quotes are now available for points serviced by our partners.

05/05/2017 New Feature: Rate Quote History

Rate Quote History is now an available selection at the top right of the Rate Quote screen.

This screen will show your previous 30 days of quotes and give you the ability to view a summary, see the details of individual quotes, print a previous quote, and even create a re-quote from a selected previous quote.

05/03/2017 Rate Quote Pieces not required

Pieces is no longer a required field to obtain a Rate Quote.

05/03/2017 Special Characters Accepted

The back slash \ and colon : are now accepted in character fields.

Pickup special instructions accespts same special characters as other fields.

05/02/2017 New Rate Quote Button on BOL results

"New Rate Quote" button added to bill of lading results screen to make it easier to navigate to the next rate quote.

05/01/2017 City and State are no longer required for pickups

The requirement to provide a city and state during pickup entry has been removed.

05/01/2017 New Information On Trace Shipment Screen

The following information is now available in Trace Shipments: Due Date, Pieces, Handling Units, Weight, BOL#, PO#, Partner Pro.

If the shipment is handled by one of our partners and our partner has a trace shipment link into their system, the partner pro is a link to connect to their system for tracing.

04/28/2017 Required Field Indicator

Only fields with an * beside them are required. The * is now larger

04/27/2017 Trace By BOL/PO Number

Tracing by BOL# or PO# plus origin or destination zip is available in Trace Shipment

04/27/2017 Rate Quote Print

A Print Button is located at the top of the Rate Quote Results screen.

04/25/2017 Pickup Confirmation Email

A confirmation email is sent when a pickup is submitted.